Custom Fitting

Golf is all about confidence; in your game and your equipment.

You wouldn’t just pick a suit off the rack or buy a pair of shoes without trying them for size… so why invest in a new set of golf clubs without making certain that they are a perfect fit?

It might sound obvious, but thousands of golfers buy clubs every day that really aren’t suitable for their swing or game. Far from helping players to improve, if a club doesn’t suit, it can actually be hugely detrimental.

Off-the-shelf clubs are typically developed by manufacturers so as to cover a broad spectrum of players , however , modern technology, such as launch monitors, helps us appreciate the individual nature of the golf swing, and how ‘off-the-shelf’ clubs with standard shafts are unlikely to do justice to a particular golfer’s most naturally effective swing.

With dozens of grips, hundreds of heads and thousands of shafts making for literally millions of club combinations, more of today’s golfers are turning to custom fitters to make sense of the equipment minefield.

Custom Fit Specialists are dedicated to getting every inch out of your game and lowering your scores. Utilising advanced swing analysis technology, we can identify where adjustments to your equipment can make significant improvements to your golf, such as distance gains . . .

By matching the best equipment for your current swing, we can help deliver greater accuracy, increased distance and improved ball flight, all with the aim of lowering your scores and enhancing your enjoyment of the game.

It is a common misconception that you need to be of a certain standard before being custom fitted. Not true. As long as you make regular contact with the golf ball then custom fit clubs will be of benefit.

So if you’ve ever wondered which loft, shaft, flex, bounce or ball to use, the answers can be revealed in a custom fit session.

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