The Carnoustie Craws – Advanced Golfers



I’m a junior golfer and I already have an official golf handicap. 

Well done! You’ve done the hard part and you have managed to get yourself a handicap. From here the opportunities are endless and it’s up to you how far you want to take this game and how good you want to become. As a season ticket holder of Carnoustie Golf Links, you will have the opportunity to do the following:  

  • Play for the junior team in matches across the country at renowned courses such as St. Andrews, Nairn and Gullane. 
  • Receive expert individual and group tuition from our experienced PGA Professionals.  
  • Be kitted out in our official Adidas team crested clothing. 
  • Have unique access to the Carnoustie Indoor Performance Centre. 
  • Compete against your peers in tournaments at Carnoustie. 
  • Be supported when you travel to tournaments further afield such as the Scottish Boys and Girls Championships.   
  • Develop your skills as a volunteer and young leader by assisting the PGA Professionals during the Carnoustie Craws Pathway to Golf coaching sessions. 

 Individual Coaching 

If you are a season ticket holder of Carnoustie Golf Links, you will always be supported by our PGA Professionals to help you improve your game and become as good as you want to be. At this stage of your journey as a golfer, it is important to have some individual tuition as this will give you the attention you require to develop your golf skills more effectively. Individual sessions can be organised directly with the PGA Professionals at any time throughout the season and are free of charge if your handicap is 24 or below. Please contact the PGA Professionals by emailing [email protected].

Group Coaching

Group coaching sessions are provided for the advanced golfers on Tuesday evenings during school term time from 5.45-6.45pm. The schedule is shown below.
Block 1: April 21st – June 23rd
Block 2: August 11th – September 22nd

During the holiday periods there will be 3-day holiday coaching camps taking place. There will be one camp in Easter, two camps in Summer and one camp in October. The camps will be from 9am-5pm each day where you will practice in the morning, have lunch in one of the local golf clubs and then play 18 holes in the afternoon. Registration for these camps will be required and your coaches will contact you when it is time to register.

Carnoustie Tournaments 

Each year there will be many junior events available to play in. A schedule can be found by clicking HERE. Competitions to note are the following: 

  • Nicoll Cup (under 14s only)
  • Junior Links Championship 
  • The Carnoustie Junior Open
  • Pairs Match Play Championship
  • 8 Order of Merit events

The Carnoustie Craws Ryder Cup

This team event is the season ending event for the advanced junior golfer and is one all players should be striving to be part of. On 26th/27th September (Ryder Cup Weekend) we will host our own USA VS EUROPE Team match comprising of two 8 person teams. To be selected for the match, a junior golfer will have to finish in the top 16 places in the season ending Order of Merit. More info regarding the Order of Merit can be found by clicking HERE

Local and County Tournaments

Playing courses around the local area is a great way to improve your game, gain new experiences and meet new friends. Throughout the summer there are numerous local Junior Opens to participate in and if you do well, there is a chance to pick up a few prizes! They cost very little to participate in (usually £5-10) and are often held during the summer holidays. Here is a link to a website that shows all the junior opens in our area.

The Angus County Golf Association (ACGA) are our area representatives within Scottish Golf and also host tournaments for junior golfers throughout the season. To learn more about the tournaments they host please visit the ACGA website 

National Tournaments

As your handicap gets lower and lower, you will have the opportunity to play in renowned competitions such as the Scottish Boys and Scottish Girls Championships. Carnoustie Golf Links will assist you when travelling to these events and provide tournament support. To view the national schedule please visit Scottish Golf’s website

Team Matches

There will be various team matches held throughout the year and having the opportunity to represent Carnoustie Golf Links and compete as a team will be something we hope you will strive for. Golf is an individual sport but, as I’m sure you’ve seen in the Ryder Cup, it means so much more to compete as a team. The PGA Professionals will select players for team events based on several key factors, not just on handicap/performance. You can view the Carnoustie Craws Team Match schedule here. 



As an advanced junior golfer, you have a lot of experience and skill that can be passed onto the next generation of Carnoustie Craws. Your assistance in supporting our P1-P2 groups on Tuesday and Wednesdays after school and our P3-P5 groups on Sundays would be much appreciated. Volunteering is a great thing to do as it not only gives you a great feeling but it looks great on a C.V. when you begin to apply for jobs or university. To learn more about volunteering or to get involved please email [email protected].

Indoor Performance Centre 

The new state of the art Indoor Performance Centre opened its doors in April 2018 and allowed all golfers in Carnoustie a unique opportunity to improve their golf in very comfortable surroundings. As a Carnoustie Craws Team Member you will have access to this facility during training sessions and at specific times throughout the year. 

 Team Clothing 

As a playing member of the Carnoustie Craws Team you will receive crested clothing to wear during team matches and while representing Carnoustie in tournaments. Your PGA Professionals will contact you regarding sizing of the clothing in the early months of the season. 

Scottish Golf Development Academy 

The Scottish Golf Development Academy at Carnoustie is a 50-hour winter coaching programme (October – April) that includes additional non-technical coaching and education modules which are key to improving, not only as a golfer but as an individual. The Scottish Golf Development Academy aims to meet the needs of young golfers in Scotland striving to reach their personal golfing potential and is ideal for any golfer between the age of 11 and 18 with an official golf handicap who aspires to improve their game. Led by PGA Professionals, junior golfers involved in the Development Academy at Carnoustie can improve their golf skills as well as developing and learning about the following skill-sets;

  • Course Management 
  • Strength & Conditioning 
  • Nutrition 
  • Psychology 
  • Goal Setting 
  • Reflection 
  • Equipment Technology 

To get involved or to know more about the Development Academy at Carnoustie, please email Keir McNicoll ([email protected]) or visit Scottish Golf’s website. (Note: Registration for 2019/20 Academy will close on September 1st)