Volunteer With The Carnoustie Craws


Do you want to help the next generation of young Carnoustie golfers?

Carnoustie Golf Links is looking for season ticket holders and parents who would be interested in assisting the PGA Golf Development Team during the Carnoustie Craws junior golf coaching sessions.

We already have a fantastic core group of volunteers who have helped enormously over the past few seasons, but even more assistance is needed. We currently have over 350 children attending weekly coaching and playing sessions and we expect to sustain this number as we move forward.

We know your time is valuable but full-time commitment for this role is not necessary. The more volunteers we get involved, the less time each person will have to dedicate during the season. With sessions normally taking place every day of the week during the summer season (April-October), many schedules and working patterns can easily be accommodated. Committing to a couple of sessions per month is the minimum requirement, and we cannot begin to express enough the level of satisfaction and reward that comes from watching these amazing, young golfers improve and develop each week.

If you are interested in being part of this impactful and rewarding programme as a volunteer, or would like to know any more information about becoming a volunteer coach, please complete the registration form below and we would be delighted to share any knowledge and answer any questions you might have.