Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Become A Junior/Juvenile Season Ticket Holder? 

Any golfer under the age of 18 can join as a Season Ticket Holder of Carnoustie Golf Links. Our team within Links House will be able to assist you with your enquiry. Please pop in or contact [email protected] if you would like more information.

How Much Does A Junior/Juvenile Season Ticket Cost? 



(under 18 on 1st April 2021) 


(Under 14 on 1st April 2021) 

2 Course Ticket 




3 Course Ticket 





Are There Restrictions When I Can Play On The Courses? 

Juvenile tickets permit players to play on the Burnside or Buddon courses at any time Monday-Friday. At weekends, Juveniles may play on the Burnside and Buddon courses only at non-busy times and at the discretion of the starter or if playing in an organised event. 

As a Junior ticket holder there are no restrictions to the days you can play on the applicable courses. 

I don’t have any golf clubs, is that OK?

We are supported and supplied by one of the best junior golf club manufacturers – Golphin 4 Kids. They are a Scottish based company and have supplied us with a fantastic range of clubs of various sizes and weights that are perfect to learn the game with. Use of this equipment is free and a selection of appropriate equipment will be available at every coaching session. If you require use of equipment for playing on the courses, please enquire at the Links House reception desk. If you love the products and would like to purchase some clubs of your own, please visit Golphin’s website. 

What should I wear when attending coaching sessions?

Anything that is appropriate for the conditions! As you know, the weather is volatile here on the East coast of Scotland and staying warm and dry is usually the priority. Golf shoes aren’t a necessity either but a training shoe that provides a little bit of grip would be best if conditions are damp underfoot. 

Who will coach me during the sessions?

Carnoustie Golf Links’ Golf Development Team has two amazing PGA Professionals that will help you develop your golf skills and become the golfer you want to be! Every session will be led by one of the PGA professionals and with support from PVG Disclosed volunteers, the coaching sessions will be a safe and fun place to improve your golf with your friends. 

What Is The Nestie Course? 

The Nestie Course is a 5-hole development course that is FREE for anyone to use. It is located next to Links House and there are no restrictions as to when you can play it. It is a great course to learn the game and enjoy with friends and family.


Where Is The Practice Ground?

The practice ground is located at the far west end of the golf courses. It can be accessed via the Carnoustie to Monifieth cycle path. This access road runs in between the Burnside course and the railway line. It’s approximately 1 mile from the burnside starters box out to the practice ground. The red line on the picture below (travelling right to left) shows the route to get there from Links Avenue.

I Love My Golf And I Want To Improve Quickly, How Do I Do That? 

Practice and play as much as you can! Golf is like anything else you do at school or at home; the more you do it, the better you will get.  Use the My Pathway 2 Golf App for ideas on how to make practice fun and enjoyable. 

Can I Get Individual Tuition From The PGA Professionals? 

Individual tuition from the PGA Professionals is available but this isn’t free unless your handicap is 24 or below. Individual lessons costs are; 

  • £10 for a 30-minute session 
  • £20 for a 60-minute session. 

Smaller group lessons are also available and for more information on costs for groups of 2-6 juniors, please click here. 

When Should I Get An Official Handicap? 

There is no rush, especially if you haven’t reached secondary school!  Most young golfers will gain their first official handicap at about 12–14 years old. Although there are many exceptions to this, getting a handicap before this age is often difficult as the golf course is often too long/difficult. Our ON COURSE PATHWAY is a fantastic guide on how to progress towards a handicap and will indicate when you should get one.

How Do I Get An Official Handicap? 

First you must be a member of one of the local golf clubs and then you must play, record and return the following to your golf club: 

  • 3 x 18 hole scores or  
  • 6 x 9 hole scores or 
  • A combination of 18/9 hole scores that equals a total of 54 holes. 

All rounds must be played with a marker and play can be from any the tees (Black, Green, Yellow or White). Your golf club will then work out your average score and, based on the course(s) and tee(s) you played, will give you your first handicap. 

How Do I Join One Of The Local Golf Clubs? 

As a Juvenile or Junior season ticket holder, Carnoustie Golf Links will cover the cost of the annual membership fee for the club you choose to join. There are 7 clubs that play on the Links and it is up to you as to which club you join. All the clubs accept both male and female members except for The Carnoustie Ladies Golf Club. Although, all the clubs associated with the Links have a rich history, currently, the most populated clubs for Junior and Juvenile members are The Carnoustie Golf Club, The Carnoustie Caledonia Golf Club and The Carnoustie Ladies Golf Club. To join one of the local clubs, please click on the relevant club to find out more about what they can offer you as a junior member. 

The Carnoustie Golf Club 
The Carnoustie Caledonia Golf Club
The Carnoustie Ladies Golf Club
The New Taymouth Golf Club
The Dalhousie Golf Club
The Mercantile Golf Club
The Station Masters Golf Club 

Why Would I Join One Of The Local Clubs? 

As a season ticket holder of Carnoustie Golf Links, you do not have to join any of the clubs associated with the Links. However, we would strongly encourage you do so! One of the main benefits of being a golf club member is that it will allow you to gain an official golf handicap – and once you have a golf handicap, the possibilities are endless! You will be able to participate in competitions, play in team matches and, most importantly, lower your handicap, so you can gauge how much you are improving! 

What Competitions Can I Play In? 

As a season ticket holder there are many competitions you can enter, not just here at Carnoustie Golf Links but also further afield. If you click here you will be taken to our tournaments section which will outline all the various local, county and national competitions available to you. As you may see, many of the tournaments have a handicap limit which means you require an official handicap to participate in them. However, there are many other local events you can play in without a handicap.