The Carnoustie Junior Open: 9-Hole Handicap Event

The Carnoustie Junior Open: 9-hole Handicap Event

The Carnoustie Golf Links Junior Open is a day of celebration for junior golf. No matter your age or ability, you will be able to participate in one of our events. In 2021, the competition takes place on Monday 9th August and will be played across all of Carnoustie Golf Links’ famous courses – The Carnoustie Championship Course, The Carnoustie Burnside Course, The Carnoustie Buddon Course and The Carnoustie Nestie Course. It is open to any golfer who is under 18 years old on 1st January 2021.

The Carnoustie Buddon Course will host the 9-hole Handicap Event and a first come, first served process will decide the 39 entrants. A Handicap Index between 28.5-54.0 is required for entry.

Entry for The 2021 Carnoustie Junior Open will open on 1st February 2021 at 9am. All events are FREE OF CHARGE to enter. Entries can be made by clicking the link in the Tournament Information box. An official handicap and CDH number is required for entry. Tee times will run from 11am-1pm. For more information on this tournament, please see the Competition Terms & Conditions and the Player Information Guide.