Girls Empowerment Academy

The Empowerment Academy for Girls at Carnoustie Golf Links is unique. Empowering girls to speak up and speak out by being positive roles models is at the core of this fantastic program and is allowing girls to shape the future of girls golf in Carnoustie while reducing the drop-out rate from the sport.

Led by Empowerment Academy for Girls founder Jill Duke and supported by the PGA Golf Development Team, the program provides girls who are enrolled in the Carnoustie Craws Junior Golf Academy with a clear pathway to success that goes far beyond the physical skills of learning and playing golf.

Structure of Empowerment Academy

Girls in this group are in S1-S6 and are truly making a positive impact on Carnoustie Golf Links and themselves. Key activities for this group are:

  • Weekly meetings together with Jill Duke
  • Working toward Sports Leaders Qualifications  – Level 4 to Level 6
  • Hosting monthly Girls Golf Hub coaching sessions for younger girls within the Carnoustie Craws Program
  • Supporting The PGA Golf Development Team during Carnoustie Craws coaching sessions

Junior Ambassadors 
Girls in this group are in P7-S2 and spend time together weekly on Friday afternoon’s. The sessions, facilitated by Jill Duke, support the girls to develop key relationship, confidence and leadership skills that will enable them to transition successfully into The Ambassador Group.

Carnoustie Craws Girls
This group of girls are the future Ambassadors and Junior Ambassadors of girls golf in Carnoustie. As well as attending weekly mixed coaching sessions with The PGA Golf Development Team, they will attend our monthly Girls Golf Hubs that are hosted and delivered by our Ambassador group.  It is here they will see real role models in action, inspiring them to have a connection to golf that will last a lifetime.

Further Information

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