Landscape Character Assessment

The Links are have enlisted STRI (Sports Turf Research Institute) to carry out a Landscape Character Assessment on our behalf.

A Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) is defined by Scottish Natural Heritage as being a standard methodology for identifying, describing, classifying and mapping what is distinctive about the landscape.  An LCA of Carnoustie Golf Links and the surrounding environment will highlight the structure of the landscapes that affect each of the land interests, taking into account the variety and diversity of habitats, housing, farmland and railway.

It will provide a framework for ongoing wider management i.e. management on a landscape scale rather than on the small scale of one land use. Importantly it will help identify the different elements that make up the landscape, enabling and helping our wider understanding of what makes one landscape different from another.

The assessment will cover a range of contributing factors from physical attributes including ecology, geology, archaeology and hydrology to emotional attributes such as sense of wellbeing.  The assessment should ideally be drawn up in conjunction with other interested parties including the Local Authority as the document may help guide future development and management objectives for a particular landscape, which in turn may affect character.

For Carnoustie Golf Links, the surrounding landscape is vital to our day-to-day running as one of the most famous links in the world.  An LCA will help to cement the future of the unique Carnoustie landscape whilst still allowing for evolution as demanded by an ever growing population and increasing Open Championship spectator numbers.